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    10 yuan 20 yuan to recharge chess and card


    Sep 22, 2022
    2 thoughts on “10 yuan 20 yuan to recharge chess and card”
    1. Happy Fighting Landlord.
      "Happy Fighting Landlord" is the first real -time play chess and card mobile game of Tencent's mobile game platform. It is a three -player game adapted from the poker game "Running Fast". Determine the victory of the game by playing cards. The game was released in April 2008.

      "Fighting Landlord" was originally popular in Hanyang District, Wuhan, Hubei. Two farmers jointly confronted a landlord. Due to its simple rules and strong entertainment, it quickly swept the country. "Happy Landlord" is based on the traditional rules, introduced "Happy Bean" points, and increased a series of new gameplay such as grabbing landlords, Mingpai, and sister -in -law. Fighting Landlord "game.

      The call card is carried out in the order of the card. When you call the card, you can choose "Call Landlord" and "No Call". If a player chooses "calling landlord", he immediately end the call, the player is the landlord; if they are "not called", they will redistribute and re -call the card until someone "calls the landlord".
      The first call player
      1, the first round of players are randomly selected by the system.
      2. If a player chooses "Mingpai" in front of the call, the first player who chooses "Mingpai" is given priority to obtain the name of the name.
      3. If a player chooses "Mingpai" in front of the call, and all three players do not choose "call the landlord", the system chooses the first "Ming brand" player as the landlord.

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