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    How to get back the loss of the Android tribal war account


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Method /Step
      1 The success rate of this success is relatively small: [Chinese version, the country-QI is the GUO- /Flag, email with Chinese] Open the tribal war-the lower right corner gear-help and support-Email --- The village is lost. When you install G-MAIL, you will automatically pop up G-Mail, and then fill in the contents of the mail
      2 will be a period of time. Explain that it is hopeless.

      3 Receives:

      sorry to hear that you've loost your village. as possible, but if your village was connected to Game Center or Google , you can recover your village on your own, right away. Please follow the steps below on the platform that applies to you.rnrnr n if your village wasd't's connected to either game center of Google, just skip doubled to the 'not connected?' section.

      connected to game (IOS)? n

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