• Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

    Is it true to make money from Gutt Mahjong?


    Sep 23, 2022
    One thought on “Is it true to make money from Gutt Mahjong?”
    1. It is true to make money from Guti Mahjong.
      is true, but not much can make. Gutte Mahjong, developed by Guangxi Gut Network Technology Co., Ltd., is a profitable mobile mahjong game. The gameplay is very simple. In the game, whether you win a card or lose, each game will send a certain amount of withdrawal vouchers to see advertisements to see advertisements. The video can receive double rewards. When a certain amount of withdrawal coupons are collected, the red envelope can be withdrawn. The red envelope quota that can be withdrawn is. 3 yuan/6 times, 1 yuan/once, 2 yuan/2 times, etc., and there are large amounts of large amounts. There is no threshold for withdrawal of 2 yuan.
      In the news of netizens, in the Mailing software of Gutte Mahjong, the small red envelope is available, and the large amount is not good. It is the same as making money such as the Datang Landlord and the Landlord Legend and other chess and cards. After successful withdrawal, the rewarded red envelopes and withdrawals will become less and less, so that it is less than a few cents or even no.

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