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    Is the commune fighting the landlord 888 yuan really?


    Sep 23, 2022
    4 thoughts on “Is the commune fighting the landlord 888 yuan really?”
    1. It's not true, I have been playing for almost a week, and basically verified that 888 yuan cannot be withdrawn.
      It about the game routine. There are two advertisements for each game. You can choose not to see it, but sometimes you will be forced to watch for a few seconds, and sometimes you only look at the admission options. There will be ingots when you look at the advertisement, 10,000 ingot = 1 yuan, which can be withdrawn up to 0.3 yuan, which is less and less later.
      mi, first of all, you must win enough 888 to see the first steps of withdrawal requirements, that is, "continuously play for 5 days and play for 30 games per day", and the number of times before the quota is not counted. The other two gears can only be seen in the full quota. Of course, this requirement is not difficult to meet, that is, games advertisements, forbearance passes.
      After playing for 5 days × 30 inning, you will see the second step of withdrawal requirements: "Look at 50 advertisements". This is a bit disgusting person, but you can still complete it, or the game advertisement. After
      , you will see the third step of withdrawal requirements: "Level 50 levels". At this time, I noticed that there was a level of level. After checking, my level was only 12. For example, I have played a total of nearly 200 games, only 12th levels. How many games do I have to play to level 50 and how many advertisements do I have to see? You know, it is generally more difficult to upgrade later.
      and the most important thing is that after the rise of level 50, there will be a new withdrawal requirement. People can step by step, which has been endless.

    2. It is not true that the owner of the commune is 888 yuan. The owner of the commune is a chess and card competition app. The app claims that it can make money through the game. It is not true. It is false. The money it makes cannot be promwed. It can only be used in the game.

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