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    Play games for children 5-6 years old


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    If you need some games that are suitable for children to play, please try to provide some atmospheric games as much as possible. Generally, 20 children cannot be dangerous on the cement floor

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      Coded code: ERT6 (5 ---- 6) The age of 5 years old is the best age to learn written language. At this time, the child is most sensitive to reading literacy. Here are the early education video "Learning Version (5-6)" designed by Qiaohu's physical and mental development of children at this stage. I hope to help you

    2. Small class sports game lesson plans Name: Old cat can't wake up the event goals: 1. Practice gently walking and running. 2. Cultivate children's interest in participating in sports activities: Prepare an old cat's headdress and several kitten headdress. Put some obstacles around the venue for children to hide. Learn the nursery rhymes in the game before the event. Activity process: 1. Import: Teachers lead young children's music to imitate the kittens. 2. Expand: (1) Teachers explain the gameplay and organize children to play games. (2) Teachers in the game should guide and remind the children to come to the ground when they go to and run, so as not to be heard by the old cat. (3) After the children are familiar with the game, they invite children to take turns to play old cats. 3. End: Lead young children to take a walk. Kindergarten small class game lesson plans for sports games to play trailer 1. The event goal practice is in the designated direction to cultivate the correct walking posture 2. Activity preparations 1. The venue is prepared for a starting point, a end point line, 6 meters apart. 2. Several animal toys with small wheels. 3. Activity process 1. Teacher introduces game gameplay Each child pulls a small animal toy with a thread and stands at the starting point. The teacher said: "Preparation -------" Children pull the small animals with small animals Go forward. After reaching the finish line, you can lead the small animals to the grass on the right side of the finish line to "eat grass", or pull the small animals to walk freely nearby. The teacher said, "Little animals, go home." The children pulled their toys and walked back. 2. Note (1). Pay attention when doing games. Only when you hear the instructions of "preparing -----" or "small animals, go back" can children start or go back. (2). Be careful not to encounter other small animals when leaving. 2. Children's activities, teachers observe that teachers should observe the posture of children's walking and correct the incorrect posture in time. 3. Event naturally end the kindergarten small class sports game program "Love Little Tree" Kindergarten Small Class Sports Game Activity Plan "Love Little Tree" Time: Tuesday morning (second week) Class: Primary Three Class Instructor: Intern: Activity content: Sports game activities "Love to protect the small tree" Activity purpose: 1. Let children practice the signal to respond quickly, and exercise the children's movements sensitive and coordinated. 2. Children experience the happiness of the game during the event, cultivate children's interest in satin, lively and cheerful personality, and cultivate team spirit. 3. Educating children should take care of small trees. Event preparation and environment creation: 1. Make a small tree. 2. The site layout is as shown in the right. The activity process (1) start part. Prepare exercise and move the body. Teacher: Children, we will play a game after you meet. Now everyone follows me to move the body and wait for the better performance. Birds fly, fly, fly, pat your wings and fly. (Upper limb movement) The duckling goes, leave, walk away, and walk away. (Squat movement) Baby elephants walk, walk ah, leave their noses and leave. (Stepping back) The pony run, run, run, run, run. (Jumping movement) (2) Basic parts 1. Show the small tree and lead to the game. Teacher: Children, see what this is? (Xiaoshu) Which child can tell teachers and children, what are the benefits of the tree? (Can take the cold, birds can live on the tree ...) So we should protect the small tree. The game we play today is related to this small tree. The name of the game is "Love Little Tree". Next to us, what graphics are drawn on the ground? (Circle) Children first pull their small hands, stand on the line, and surround a large circle. 2. The teacher explained the rules of the game: The teacher put the small tree in the middle of the circle. Because the wind was so big, the small tree was almost blown down. So we first invited a child to stand in the circle to support the small tree with his hands. The children on the circle must pull their hands and read: "Little tree, small tree, we all love to protect it." At this time, the children of Fuhu can call the name of a child casually, such as: "XX, please come to protect the tree. One, two, three! "After speaking, let go of his hand, and the children who were called will immediately run up to support the small tree. The two exchanged their positions. If the child who was called did not help the tree before he was asked to reach his position, he then helped the tree. The teacher wants to see, which kid responded the fastest and paid attention to. 3. Teachers ask for teachers: (1) When the children of Fuhu are called names, their voice should be loud and clear, so that everyone can hear it. (2) The children of Fuhu must only release the small tree after counting "one, two, and three". (3) Children on the circle cannot push. 4. Start the game teachers and young children, remind the problems in the game to make the children know the rules of the game more clearly. 5. The number of children in groups is large, allowing children to group games, so that everyone has opportunities for participation. (3) End part 1. Teachers evaluate the activities. Teacher: Is the kid playing happily today? Everyone performed very well and can abide by the rules of the game. (The reason for finding the failed to support the small tree) I want to praise XXX. He responded quickly, concentrated his attention, and ran quickly. Xiao Shu was quickly supported by him, and he was not afraid of the wind blowing. The children applauded for him and applauded you, because you are also great 2. Do it to relax the athlete: Children are tired? Now I do a relaxation activity with the teacher, shake my feet, shake their hands (stretching), and then go back to the classroom, the children are thirsty and remember to drink water. Kindergarten Small Class Sports Plan: Exercise children's leg muscle strength design intention: Spring is here, the small tadpoles swimming in the pond have become the favorite of young children. The children told the story "Little Tadpoles Find Mom", and the dynamic changes that the small puppets traveled to the east for a while to the west made me think that in the sports activity "Little Tadpoles Finding Mom", there is a signal that listening to the teaching direction in the designated direction. The goal, the original activity method is to read a piece of nursery rhymes and then run in the designated direction. In teaching, children often have mechanical cope with children. It is easy to lose the patience and interest of the activity. As a concealed environment, the story conceals the teaching goals, then it will increase the fun of activities, mobilize the interest of children's activities, and enable children to actively participate in sports activities. A certain amount of activity. Teaching goals: 1. Teach children to practice signals to run in the specified direction to exercise the muscle strength of the child's legs. 2. Cultivate children's emotions. Teaching preparation: 1. Knowledge preparation: Familiar with "Xiao Xun Finding Mom", teachers and young children are dressed as small tadpoles. 2. Mother -in -law player played (duck, fish, turtle, geese, frog) mother at different orientation. 3. The child's chest ornament (can flip the front and back) on one side is a small tadpole and a little frog on the other. First, the start of the part (the teacher and the child squatted down to sleep in the middle of the venue) (in the sound of music) spring is here, the warm spring breeze blows gently, the sun is shining in the pond water, and the eggs of the frog mother are slowly. When it comes to movement, it becomes a big head, a long tail, and the small tadpoles swim in the water, which is very happy. Teachers and children slowly wake up in the description, swim freely with music in the water, and move their bodies. [Comment: Teachers lead the free activity of children's unlimited free activities as a role, prepare activities before the game] 2. Middle part 1. Teacher: Listen, what sound? Alas, friends, where is our mother? Let's ask Mom Duck together! 2. The little tadpoles swim in the duck mother. Xiaoyu asked: Hello mother! Do you see our mother? where is she? Mother Duck Answer: I have seen that your mother has two big eyes, and her mouth is wide and large. Good boy, go to ask the fish mother! 3. The tadpoles swimming to the mother of the fish. Xiaoyu asked: Hello mother! Do you see our mother? where is she? Mother Yu replied: I saw that your mother has four legs. Good boy, go before asking the turtle mother! Xiaoyu: Thank you, Mother Yu, goodbye! 4, the tadpoles swim to the turtle mother, the little tadpole asked: Hello turtle mother! Do you see our mother? where is she? The turtle mother answered: I saw that your mother's belly is white. Good boy, go before asking Mother Goose! Xiaoyu: Thank you, Mother Turtle, goodbye! 5. The tadpoles swim in the mother of the goose. Do you see our mother? where is she? Mother Goose replied: I saw that your mother wore green clothes and sang songs "呱, 呱, 呱", and jumped up, good boy, go to her! 6, Xiao Yan continued to swim, the frog mother came. Xiaoyu: Ah! We find mom! [Comment: The little tadpoles followed their mothers to swim, and stop or stop for polite dialogue, which is conducive to the control of the rhythm of the activity] 3. The little frog) The little frogs danced around the mother happily, doing various intimate movements, and screamed with her mother, and learned the frog with her mother. [Comment: Here, the emotions of Xiaoyu's love mother also increased the strength of the child's leg muscle activity] 2. Mother of the frog: children, there are more pests in the field, practice skills with your mother to catch pests. Intersection 3. After the frogs caught the pests, they happily listened to their mother to dance freely with their mother. [Comment: The free dance here is a relaxation exercise] Self -evaluation: The imitation of young children is strong, and what they like to do and what they do, suitable for collective games. According to the characteristics of children's characteristics, teachers and children are also Together with the same role together, lead the children's activities as a role, affect the emotions of children with the emotions of the character, and let the children naturally follow the activity. The amount of exercise and intensity is suitable for small classes. In the entire event, children have maintained a good emotional participation in the game, and the sound scenes in the game add an attractiveness. The dialogue in the game exercises both the language of the children and the good habit of consciously using polite language. The goal of "Pastening Stone" in kindergarten sports games: 1. Use the natural environment of the kindergarten to train children to quickly cross and bypass the skills of obstacles to cultivate physical sensitivity. 2. Through the game, consolidate mathematics knowledge and stimulate the emotions of children's love in their hometown. Event preparations: small color stone, strange stone pictures, four baskets, and a kind of kindergarten decorative wall. Digital cards and other activities: 1. Organize children to prepare for activities. 2. Children introduce gameplay: The children are arranged in four groups. Each person is arbitrarily selected a few stones in each group of the first children to instruction. After the stone (adding the stone in the hand), set off, cross the small ditch, bypass the woods and the strange stone array, come to the decorative wall, put the stone on the preset place with double -sided glue, and then quickly run back to shoot. The second child's hand, the second child set off. Motor it in order. The game can be repeatedly performed. 3. Children's game, teacher guidance. 4. Teachers ask the children to take a photo in front of the word "Liuzhou Qi Stone" on the decoration wall. 5. Relax Activity: Putting on the pebble path.

    3. Creative Game Activity
      The construction game activity
      activity game activity
      performance game activity
      entertainment game activities
      teaching game activities
      creative game activities : That is, the game activity that children think of themselves, this is the most important game activity of children in the early stage. For example, boys often play car drivers, use small stools as cars, learn to drive, and have command and creative children who may also organize other children to be passengers. One of them is a trader, tears some small paper as a ticket, etc. , Train the various scenarios of the bus. Girls often play teachers and organize and command students to listen to classes. Through these game activities, children experience various social roles of adults. In this way, they have greatly broaden their own life fields and enrich their understanding. At the same time, they also cultivate good social morality.

      The architectural game activity: under the guidance of adult organizations, let children play building blocks, sand shovel, stones, etc., can develop design, create talents and interests, and cultivate operations, work labor skills Skills.

      The active game activity: This is a game activity for exercise and development of children. In the game, children can practice various physical exercises, such as walking, running, doing radio gymnastics, and various basic exercises of sports. These game activities can exercise the correctness, accuracy and flexibility of their actions. There are specific teaching plan arrangements in kindergartens, and formulate standards to develop children's actions through game activities. In the family, parents must also consciously arrange and organize children's active game activities.

      Performance game activities: This is a game activity to exercise children's performance ability. If children are required to perform plots, characters, etc. in fairy tales. This game activity not only cultivates children's performance ability, but also finds some children's performance art talents. The children's dance class organized in the kindergarten belongs to such activities.

      Entertainment game activities: refers to organizing children to do games, participate in song and dance party, etc., which can cultivate children's lively and cheerful personality and entertainment activities. This is the frequent activity of kindergarten. In the family, parents can use the weekend and holidays to gather children in the neighborhood in a family to hold a entertainment party.

      The teaching game activities: gradually in children's game activities, so as to develop their intelligence. If you have a plan to arrange teaching content, continue to enrich their knowledge, develop proverb skills, and improve the ability to observe, memory, attention and independent thinking. The specific content includes colorful books, teach children to read pictures, read the number of pictures, read the picture recognition size, length, thickness, etc., teach young children to read Tang poetry aloud, tell stories, learn English words and simple sentences.
      The reference materials
      The game suitable for children five or six years old. Sports car [Cited time 2018-1-16]

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