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    Sims 2 Raiders and Cheats


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    1. First declare ~~~~ Very chaotic, because it is a comprehensive content that friends said before ~~~~ So I'm sorry ...
      The following are these contents


      In the game, press Ctrl Shift Alt C and then knock into the following code set_hour #?/Td> r nset_speed #?/td> Change the speed of the game # (-1000-1000)

      interests?/td> Change personality and interest
      nautonomy #?/td> Change other Human wisdom (1-100)

      grow_Grass #?/Td> Change the growth rate of the grass # (1-150)

      map_edit on/off?/Td> Edit Map

      route_balloons on/off?/Td> Kwalite

      sweep on/off?/Td> Display the selection status of the game options
      ntile_info ON/OFF?/TD> Display/concealed title content

      log_mask?/td> set event logting mask
      ndraw_all_frames on/off?/td> n
      ! Repeat the last use code

      ; Display the deception code when the multiplayer game

      Press Ctrl Alt Shift C and then enter

      : Get 1000 yuan

      water_tool: Let the rain around your house

      Set_hour: (Valuess (ValuessssSs 1-24) Set current time

      set_speed: (Values ​​-1000 - 1000) Set current speed

      interests: Modify your personality and interests

      map_edit on: Edit the map to open

      map_edit off: Edit map Close

      When entering "Simulation Life", there is a teaching barrier. It will teach you some basic operations. You can do not do it according to it, buy what you need to upgrade yourself, and then upgrade because you don’t have it. When it is done in accordance with its requirements, all hygiene, hunger, etc. will not decrease. It's cool, don't hurry up!

      It simulated life secret skills with

      1. Remove mosaic

      when the game characters are bathing, it will appear mosaic. It is not possible to remove it. But everyone is better not to do this. This is a classic game, not a porn game. It doesn't matter if you listen to it.

      In input shift ctrl alt c to enter the secret technology state, enter the move_objects on (can move any object) to buy the stands, call the character to take a bath, before entering the mosaic, when the mosa is mosaic, there is a mosaic on the body. , Click to buy the mold test, click on the person, catch people aside, and then go down.

      2. Do not go to work

      Enter the same input techniques. When the car comes, enter the building mold test, click on the car, press delete, hey, it's fun at home.

      the sims: House Party Simulation: Family Party

      Plas to Ctrl Shift C and Enter in the game to enter the secret technique mode:

      rosebud = ENABLES!;! Money cheat.

      !; = Money, Put Another! At the end and keep going.

      N to buy a beacon, go to the game first, wait until the fireworks fall, and enter the purchase mode, press Shift Ctrl Alt C together, enter the move_Objects On, Enter! Selling fireworks, 2300 ¥ at a time! Infinite money!

      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
      It simulated life magic world cheats

      Peremia's magic book:
      ⒈ butter poison mushroom toad sweat = toad deformation
      > PS: It can turn family or neighbors into toads, but there is time limit. Neither children and adults who already have magic rods are invalid.
      蜡 × × 3 = Beauty or beast {Curse
      > PS: You can use up to 5 times. You can choose some special skin for yourself, but the magic power disappears when sleeping or bathing.
      蜜 honey × 2 fairy powder = relationship increase {
      > PS: can enhance the relationship value with family or neighbors.
      magic beans × 2 = abundant horn {
      > PS: up to 8 times. It can change 5 sets of 2 to 3 different foods (meals, chicken legs, bread) at a time.
      butter poisonous mushrooms fairy powder = activation {Magic
      > PS: At present, there are grass gods, firebirds, scarecrows, refrigerators, and chess. In addition, be careful to fire!
      × 2 camel saliva = clean dishes {
      > PS: up to 8 times. Can clean or change more dishes.
      蜜 honey grape fairy powder = happy {Magic
      > PS: It can make all the status values ​​of others slightly improved. It is effective for everyone.
      蜡 rubber chicken diamond powder = money rain {{
      > PS: can be used up to once. It can be a money rain or an indoor rain.
      蜡 × × 2 time sand = Hidden skin {{
      > PS: Now you can also pass through the wall as freely as other ghosts. You can use up to 5 times. There is time limit. Many snakes will become when failed.
      蜜 honey garlic toad sweat = smiley {magic
      > PS: our friends are all over the world! It is effective for everyone.
      蜡 dragon scales camel saliva = ultimate attractive {{
      > PS: up to 5 times. "Even if the minds are different and the Tao is inconsistent, you don't have to worry about your jokes." However, maybe I understand the wrong understanding, and after I tried it, the relationship was reduced.
      butter snake venom garlic = disappearance {Magic
      > PS: Let the annoying person disappear from your eyes! Neither children and adults who already have magic rods are invalid.
      蜡 时间 time sand Pegasus feathers = copy of people {{
      > PS: up to 4 times. Use this curse before the car at work, otherwise the consequences will be at your own risk!
      magic beans four -leaf grass = Perfect Garden Curse
      > PS: It is my favorite curse. You can use up to 8 times. After a rain, all flowers will be resurrected. It's better to use than god lanterns. However, if the spell is reversed, the grass dwarf will be resurrected and trampled on your garden, and you will also attack your simulated characters.
      蜡 + magic beans glasses glass = mood improvement {
      > PS: up to 8 times can be used. It can be improved only for yourself or collectively. When successful, all state values ​​are slightly improved; on the contrary, a certain state value will be completely zero.
      蜜 honey ambergris fairy powder = love bonding agent {magic
      > PS: the red heart of love with others. Neither children and adults who already have magic rods are invalid.
      butter toad sweat carnival clown = hypnosis {magic
      > PS: make others ’only life from (accepting the kisses, hugs, pleading, dancing, praise, etc. Choose one for three). Neither children and adults who already have magic rods are invalid.
      Glacier glass Pegasus feathers = Summon family figurines {{
      > PS: Mostly 4 times can be used. If you call your younger brother, everything will be auspicious; if you summon your sister, you will be fierce.
      蜜 honey carnival clown wizard eyelashes = big problem {magic
      > PS: whether it is marriage or living together. Neither children and adults who already have magic rods are invalid.
      ※ Be beeswax diamond powder black roses = Famous Hope {Mantra
      > PS: Friends who have installed "Sims Life: Super Star" have the opportunity to get this magic. If any Sims master knows, I still have to post it.
      ※ butter pet food! Carnival Clown = Real Friends {Magic
      > PS: Friends who have installed "Simulation: Unlimited Life" have the opportunity to get this magic. The simulation citizens who have mastered this magic can turn their pets.

      It is the magic book of children:
      ⒈ poisonous mushroom × 3 = children's beauty or beast {{
      ps: "Beauty or Beast" of the same adult.
      蘑 Poisonous mushrooms dragon scales fantasy powder = children's happiness {Magic
      ps: "Happy" with adults.
      粉 Fantasy powder × 2 ambergris = Live {Magic
      ps: "Extracting" with adults.
      蘑 Poisonous mushroom × 2 ambergris = cleaning surgery {
      ps: make your hygiene value full, faster than bathing.
      蘑 Poisonous mushrooms × 2 Dream Fan = Make cake spells {
      PS: It is better to be called "Toad spell". I haven't made the cake once.
      2 × 2 fantasy powder = Children's smiley {Magic
      ps: "Smile Face" with adults.
      蘑 Poisonous mushrooms fantasy powder × 2 = Invisible friend {{
      PS: Not ghost. There are good invisible friends, as well as bad invisible "friends"
      ⒏ poisonous mushrooms ambergris dragon scales = children's replication of human {
      ps: "Copy" with adults, but it is a school bus Before arriving.
      蘑 Poisonous mushrooms dragon scales × 2 = fast adult surgery {
      PS: either adult or death. The skin after adults is random. The skills displayed by the childhood webpage will not be taken to the adult era, and other as usual. If you die, you will be reborn immediately. Notice! The game will be saved automatically when adults.
      The last two secret recipes:
      ⒋ grape × 2 toad sweat = magic wine
      ps: the only wine that cannot be stored. After drinking, it will become a ghost and lead to frequent urination (at this time the "hygiene/urination" status value may become zero, and the magic "becomes happy" is not available); Simoleans, the key is who is the person who sells wine, not who is brewing).
      精 Fairy powder butter baking convenience bag = magic sour pie
      PS: the only food that cannot be shared by everyone. After eating, sometimes it becomes a donkey head; it will disappear automatically without eating.

      It 26 ingredients. The specific ways of obtaining various ingredients are as follows:
      > Fantasy powder: You can get it when the children play "Sweet Phantom".
      > Beef waxing: You can buy magic currency from "Alchemist Todd"; you can use "honey manufacturers" at home.
      > Sugar: You can buy it with Simoleans from the "Gypsian staff".
      > 可以: You can buy it with Simoleans from the "Gypsy Employee"; you can use "when the land becomes fertile" at home.
      > Easy -to -bake package: You can buy it with Simoleans from "Gypsy Employees".
      > Time Sand: You can buy magic currency from the fairy "Mara".
      (Have you ever run the legs for the NPCs? You have not planned to go home in private to go home privately, right? In fact, there are many ingredients here "free".)
      > Dragon scales: You can buy magic currency from "Vampire Victor"; you can pick up the pet dragon at home.
      > Glacier: You can be obtained after completing the task proposed by any NPC.
      > Astronomical: You can use strawberry wine from "Alchemist Todd".
      > Pegasus: You can get it after completing the task proposed by any NPC.
      > Magic beans: You can buy magic currency from "Alchemist Todd".
      > Honey: You can buy it with Simoleans from the "Jeep Staff"; you can use the "honey manufacturer" at home.
      > Poisonous mushrooms: you can buy magic currency from "Alchemist Todd"; you can get it by opening the "mysterious package" at home; A "umbrella mushroom chair").
      > Butter: You can buy it with Simoleans from the "Gypsian staff"; you can get it at home by opening the "mysterious parcel"; you can use the "old -fashioned milk mixer" at home.
      > Carnival clowns: You can get it after completing the task proposed by any NPC.
      > Amber of Rods: You can buy it with magic currency from "Vampire Victor"; you can pick up the pet dragon at home.
      > Toad sweat: You can buy it with magic currency from "Alchemist Todd"; you can get it at home by opening the "mysterious package".
      (Can I get it from the toad? I have not been obtained so far! Brother who has obtained it told!)
      > Grapes: You can buy it with Simoleans from the "Gypsies staff"; you can use it at home to use at home "When the land becomes fat".
      > Garlic: You can use beeswax from "Vampire Victor".
      > Fairy powder: You can buy magic currency from the fairy "Mara".
      > Snake venom: can be replaced with gold with golden wizard "McGneast".
      (Can you get it from the snake? Haven't raised it!)> Diamond Fan: You can buy it from the fairy "Mara".
      > Witcher eyelashes: You can get it after completing the task proposed by any NPC.
      > Camel saliva: You can buy magic currency from "Alchemist Todd".
      > Golden: You can buy magic currency from the fairy "Mara"; you can use the "don't stab my spinning car" at home.
      > Four-leaf grass: You can use honey from the fairy "Mara"
      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- rn同时按shift ctrl alt c 回出来一个小框输入rosebud 后按回车加1000 再At the same time, shift ctrl alt c input!;;!;;!;;!;;!;!;!; Every time you entered, add 1000
      Download a few very good items to solve all problems.包括魔法材料箱子,里面有所有的魔法配料和所有魔法水晶,而且取之不尽,一个魔法壁灯,把这个灯装在室内,可以让所有状态保持全满,就是说不用睡觉、吃饭、洗澡、 Socially, there is also a floor lamp. Putting this light into the revention room of the film and television city. When choosing, you can keep the director and your thinking consistent. You can choose how you choose. The device can be placed at home, and the neighbors and friends can come to your house at any time, including the teleportation stars. You don't have to make any calls to call, huh, but it doesn't mean to play like this. ^ _^ Although some foreign websites have very good items download, it is English. I hope domestic heroes will make more good things from our domestic production as soon as possible.

      Is about the magic bean stems and golden dragons
      The experience about magic bean stems, leave some space in the courtyard at home, then use more magic and spells, and then the president of the magic crystal in the courtyard After learning the skills of magic crystals, use the skills of magic crystal, such as magic performance and instant movement, and then the magic bean stems are president in the courtyard.

      For the development of golden dragons, find a vampire to buy a dragon egg home in Magic Town, and then you will see the dragon eggs move. At this time, take care of it. As for the interval of care, I think it is better to once every 3-4 hours, especially to put it in music for a long time. Care is not necessarily cradle. If you take care of the red dragon, you need to set fire, and you are not obedient. The purple dragon is more obedient. It is very good. Flowers. The purple dragon is good or golden dragon, and I don't know if I don't know if they grow up.

      Jinlonghao is about how to produce Golden Dragon

      S continuous cradle 6 times, then rotate 1 time, and finally let it listen to music until the birth of the golden dragon. Essence Essence

      The ultimate strategy of magical world! (Raiders of continuation)
      finally reaching the climax! ——Arror:

      ⒈ The principle of "Subu's difficult tombstone":

      > ┏━┳━┳━┓

      > ┃ ①┃ ②┃ ③

      > ┣━╋━╋━┫

      > ┃ ④┃ ⑤┃

      > ┣

      > ┃ ⑦┃ ⑧┃⑨┃

      > ┗━┻━┻━┛

      ① The tombstone in the position can drive the tombstone at the position;
      Click on the tombstone in the position to drive ①, ③, and ⑤ position;
      And the tombstone in the position;
      Click on the tombstone in the position to drive the tombstone on the position of ①, ⑤ and ⑦;
      Click on the tombstone in the position to drive ②, ④, ⑥ and ⑧ position The tombstone;
      Click on the tombstone in the position to drive ③, ⑤, and the tombstone on the position of the position;
      Click on the tombstone in the position to drive the tombstone on the position of the position;
      Click to click on The tombstone on the position can drive the tombstone in the position of ⑤, ⑦, and ⑨;
      The tombstone on the ⑨ position can drive the tombstone in the position.

      > PS: How to crack depends on everyone!

      ⒉ The secret of "reverse duel device":

      "reverse duel device" allows you to use five magic, they are: white lightning, red sea r
      waves, blue hurricanes, black storm snow and yellow sulfur. Among them, any kind of magic can overwhelm its
      . Its two kinds of magic are summarized as follows:

      white> red

    2. In fact, there is no need for cheats and strategies to play simulated life! ~ It is to build a family, and then take care of the villain's daily living ~ very simple ~ cheats or something, are the need for decoration, and it is to add money to the family. I don't think it is very useful. Meaning ~

      pressing the shift ctrl c on the keyboard, and the cheating code dialog box:

      Number of money (" " gives, "-" deducting); for example, Smith 50000

      changes the roof diagonal angle:
      (15-75) angle range of 15 to 75 degrees, do not want Enter parentheses

      Open career rewards:

      Age specification change:
      on/off; on At any person at the mouse, you can choose its age group.

      The expectation value change:
      (0-5); 5 is platinum, not input brackets

      OFF; ON is opening, off is closed; it is useful when making stories.

      The expectation value lock:
      on/off, on is locking.

      The expectation point settings:
      points of points. Increase the expectations point to buy reward items.

      Emotional bar switch:
      on/off, on is opening, off is closed. Emotions refer to life needs such as eating, drinking water, going to the toilet and so on.

      The maximum emotional strip:
      , eating, toilet and so on.

      The new light file:
      let the player create a new light file with a special house light value. It is used to set special light values ​​for each house.

      The secret to become vampire:
      Boolprop True (note the appliances)
      and then enter the villain's family.
      "More" at about twice, you will see Make Vampire or Cure Vampire
      and then turn that vampire or normal person

      Use of ground type:
      (You can choose in the regional directory)
      Add 50,000 yuan

      Add 1000 yuan

      aging [on/off]
      n Delete all citizens of the community

      The change of the community's face Tempeerate grass or desert desert
      n [factor] n to change the simulation citizen The height
      factor is the ratio, such as "1" unchanged, "2" height becomes 2 times, "0.5" is halved, and the input value must not be less than "0000002"

      [0-8] Turns On/Off Facial Blending Limits
      Is if you want to have an unusual child, use this secret, -OFF is unusual/-on gene control
      n on/off
      The removal of the occupation area of ​​all objects in the purchase and construction model. Limit the restrictions of the middle object when the hand -type movement tool cannot be moved.

      DAYS OFF FROM Work
      can get more vacation time

      sickness and deth
      Cold), FLU (flu), pneumonia (pneumonia), FOOD POISONING (food poisoning), Morning Sickness (pregnancy) and a virus (virus)

      Boolprop False
      R n can make bookshelves closer to. The restrictions of the lattice

      Boolprop True/False
      In TRUE, you can put the furniture into a 45 -degree oblique angle
      Note, and the keyboard, and. In order to turn around 45 degrees. u003CLatest to

      intprop 0
      ngive MP3 Player
      Colonally obtained MP3 u003CApplicable>

      This is some common cheats, I hope it will be useful to you.

    3. Seeking people is better to ask yourself! Why should the landlord go to see the "reading my file" of the simulation of life by himself. Each data disk and item package have an independent "reading my file", which contains detailed cheats and strategies. Go to the "Start" menu- "Program" - "EA GAMES", which are "read my file" in the format of notepads. This is like the operation manual attached to the home appliances. The solutions and skills of common problems are inside. After all, these contents were written by the simulation life 2 project team. I took a look at the answer on the first floor, not just the chaos that he said, but some of them just left the side door.

    4. Press Ctrl Shift C, a white box will appear
      Enter cheats in it:
      : Add money
      : All needs become full
      : Use twins during pregnancy.
      move_objects on: Move anything
      This, just say these, and there are many
      as long as you enter help in the box, there will be other cheats Have fun ~~~~

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