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    Ten top ten game company rankings


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. The top ten of the game company rankings are as follows:
      1, Tencent Games
      Thentes of Tencent in the first place are absolutely unquestionable, even if many players often scold Tencent's shameless plagiarism or something, it is undeniable that As long as Tencent will make a little publicity, the number of players will not be small, because everyone can't stand the advertising bombing of WeChat and QQ.
      of course, Tencent's representatives are also many, "Glory of the King", "League of Legends", "DNF" and "Peace Elite", etc., even if you haven't played it, you must have heard it.
      2, Netease Games
      The players often compare NetEase with Tencent, because only NetEase has this strength in making games. Many of its games are very profitable. There is a unique experience.
      The reason why Tencent is not doing is mainly because of the lack of games such as Tencent's glory and League of Legends, and because NetEase does not have WeChat and QQ. Netease's representative game is "Fantasy Westward Journey", "Journey to the West", "Yin Yang Shi" and "My World".
      3, Perfect World
      The people who often play games will not be unfamiliar with the perfect world. It is the earliest company in China to study 3D engines. At that time, the name was perfect time and space. Today's Perfect World has become a global game company, independently developed, agent operations and distribution, and has layout in end games, mobile games and even VR games.
      is also following the League of Legends to host large -scale e -sports events, which can be described as more flowers. The representative game of the Perfect World is "Perfect World", "Perfect World International Edition", "Xianxian", "The Condor Heroes" and "Wulin Wai Zhuan".
      4, Xishanju Games
      Xishanju may not be familiar with the name, but when it comes to Jinshan Group, everyone should be familiar with. As a game studio under Jinshan Group, Xishanju is involved in stand -alone games, client games and mobile games.
      Mainly involved in martial arts, two -dimensional, shooting and science fiction, and also created countless classics. The representative game of Xishanju is the "Swordsman Love Series", especially the end -game and mobile game works of "Sword Net 3" pushed Xishanju to the top.
      5, Mihayou Company
      Mihayou may not have heard of Mihayou a few years ago, but since the game came out, Mihayou has shown a momentum of rapid rise. The game of the original God once built the limelight of Tencent and Netease. Mihayou's main games are both two -dimensional style, representative works are "Original God", "Break 3" and "Undefeated Event Book" and so on.
      6. Heroes Mutual Entertainment
      Her hero Mutual Entertainment Game Company may be a bit unfamiliar, but when it comes to its games, it will never be unfamiliar. This is a game company that integrates game development and distribution. Provide high -quality mobile games, that is, the company's main feature is mobile game products. The representative game of heroes entertainment is "Double Pahash", "Creation and Magic" and "Blade of Shadow".
      7, Lilith Games
      Lilise game company may be slightly unfamiliar, but its games are also classic. Starting from the first independent research and development of the legend of the Tatta Tower, Lilith Games quickly achieved the Internet Myth. Later, the core strategy of globalization was adhered to, and several games launched by the company were sold well overseas, and they also reached the championship throne of the overseas income list of Chinese game companies.
      The representative game of Lilith Game Company is "Little Bingbing Legend", "Sword and Homeland", "Sword and Expedition" and "Wake -ups of the Kingdom".
      8, Youzu Networks
      The also a little strange. The earliest is doing web games. Due to the rapid rise of the mobile game industry, it has made mobile games, especially the youth series games I received a good praise. From page games to mobile games, Youzu Networks lead the industry's innovation and establish a boutique benchmark. The representative game of its own is "Wild Fighting", "Journey to the West", "The Three Kingdoms of the Junior" and "New Tomb Raider".
      9. Giant Network
      The giant network scenery is unlimited. A journey not only allowed Shi Yuzhu to top the rich list, but also created a new chapter in China's online game props. However, the business scope of the Giant Network was getting wider and wider, and its investment was getting bigger and bigger.
      The game is no longer the company's core business, so the presence of the game launched in the future is getting lower and lower, and many of them are not named. Otherwise, it is now at least ranked among the three of the game industry. The giant network represents the game of "Journey", "Journey 2" and "Ball Battle".
      10, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment
      Sanqi Mutual Entertainment is a well -known Internet company. It has the brand of Sanqi Games. It mainly produces online games and mobile games. There are many games in Sanqi games, but they are not well -known, and even a lot of spam games.

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