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    What are the fun chess and card games recommended?


    Sep 22, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What are the fun chess and card games recommended?”
    1. Fighting Landlord.
      This is a three -person card game based on playing cards. In fact, this game is very hot now, because in our real society, many people like three people to fight the landlord together, because the landlord can pass the time and can also activate their minds.
      The previous I would not be the landlord, but after playing on the mobile phone for a while, the landlord was already a master, and many of my friends were not as good as me.

    2. Happy landlord. The four -person and one -table chess and card game developed based on playing cards is very classic and extensive.
      The other, chess, five sons chess, Go, flying chess, fighting beast chess, chess, mahjong.
      The play cards have many ways to play, and each region has their own characteristics and rules.

    3. I believe everyone knows the landlord. I don't know who created this game, but it is really a good game. Most of the offensive and defensive alliances are unpredictable. Each game is a new beginning. It is necessary to move the brain and not special. For young people, they can develop intelligence. For the elderly, they can prevent dementia. It is really treasure.

      chess games, recommended checkers, five sons chess, especially suitable for the elderly, to prevent the brain preventing the elderly.

    4. According to the chess and card games I have played, I recommend: (1) the landlord, a very classic brand game; Upgrade, two pair of poker cards, the play is very complicated, the challenge coefficient is strong, and there is a sense of excitement; In advance, testing strategy.

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