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    What are the puzzle games suitable for five -year -old children?


    Sep 23, 2022
    5 thoughts on “What are the puzzle games suitable for five -year -old children?”
    1. Link: PAN./s/ R N Extract Code: DNUU 2-5-year-old Intelligence Block gameplay, is a three-sensory enlightenment series course. By listening to the lectures of Teacher Sun Luhong, a brain engineer, after three or four months of repeated studies, from First-when it comes to the study of all courses in the fifth lecture, take the study notes to complete and organize it, share it with my friends, let us learn new parenting concepts, find fun in hardships, and enjoy the joy of God!
      This courses, dedicated to teach parents how to let the toys live and become a communication with their children, which can stimulate children's wisdom. With the development of the brain, the living body of what should grow. , Use-a toy as a demonstration, teach parents and children, play with children, play with children-let children play the color, shape, number, number, and learn the feeling of time in the middle school, make the toys live, the parents are cute, the parents are cute , Child wisdom.

    2. There are five -year -old children in the family, and they are in the middle class in kindergarten. At this time, the children are also very noisy and love to entangle people. He has not learned to recognize words and will not read books by himself. Learn to play independently, so adults often need to accompany them. At this time, puzzle games are a better choice. They can let children calm down and learn their brains and lay the foundation for their future learning careers.
      I buy puzzle games, and generally choose some of the recommended games recommended in the public account. It will introduce the purpose of the game in detail, the difficulty of the game, the process of the game. Will buy it back and try. If it is a parent -child game, board game games are definitely suitable.
      At present, I have a rabbit jumping this board game game in my house, and children also prefer this game. This game design is a classic puzzle board game game from Belgium, and it is also a barrier game. Although it may be written in the suitable age, when I buy my son, he is about 4 years old, so I will be around 4 years old. It has been played, but it is difficult to break through the barrier, but there is no problem with 5 -year -old children in the first two or 30s. It is also good to play with children.
      Is that another child in my family can often play together is the building blocks. Of course, it is not Lego. Many people have recommended it. What I want to recommend is a very simple construction of building blocks. Give full play to your imagination, you want to make it, set up a castle, set up animals, and set up a base, so its entry age is very young, and children can easily play it. It also has many cases. However The balance is not a easy thing. I recommend it because not only children like it, but adults can also challenge. It should be said that this is a game that is suitable for all ages. As a companion game, it is actually very easy to use.
      The basically wisdom games are the most famous board game games internationally, or it is a building block to build games. You can choose the age suitable for children.

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