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    What does the white board in Mahjong mean?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. There are two most special in the Mahjong card, and the whiteboard is one of them.
      What is the cultural meaning of the white board?
      First of all, it represents the sky. There are cloud color patterns on some ancient whiteboards, which can be proved. During the day and day, Bai represents the sky, the sky and the sky, and the sky represents the sky.
      Because it represents the sky, the whiteboard is the highest status card in Mahjong. The emperor, the big things of the sky, the people's food as the sky, these are the biggest and most noble. In Chinese culture, the sky has a supreme position.
      Secondly, it represents and does not. Tiandao Tiandao, there is no one, such a good memory. Feng Youlan: "The Tao is nothing." "The Tao Te Ching": "Everything in the world is born in existence, and there is nothing." There is a whiteboard in the Mahjong card.
      again, it represents virtual, yin, and empty. Chinese traditional culture pays attention to the combination of reality and reality, and the yin and yang are combined. There are "flying white" in the calligraphy, and there are "leaving white" in the art.
      Sancai, heaven and earth, is an important cultural concept in Chinese culture. It is also reflected in Mahjong, that is, whiteboards, green hair, red. The subsequent article is discussed.
      The heavy responsibility of the whiteboard in the Mahjong brand, the heavy responsibility of the sky, none, Tao, virtual, yin, etc. It is the mother of all cards (the mother of all things). Source.
      A whiteboard can say thousands of words and can transform thousands of articles. Mahjong culture is profound.
      In the design of the whiteboard, the popular patterns are now not reflected in the sky. I hope the manufacturer will pay attention. The blue sky and white clouds are its figuration. Mahjong is the national essence. When showing the Chinese cultural connotation it contains to the world, there must be no errors, otherwise it will laugh and tease.

    2. The whiteboard is the whiteboard, but it has a great effect. There are 1 time in many places (3 photos) and barbarians in many places. Mix a mixture. Hope to help! Southeast, northwest, and white skin are all winds in some places that can be used as three winds that can be used as the same wind. For example, the three Dongfeng can be counted as a card. Four parsents, called the Si Xixi, if there are four pairs, there are three pairs, there are two more and two will also be, it is a little four, in short, there must It is called Da Sanyuan, and Xiaosan Yuan is also a relatively large. Of course, if the southeast and northwest, the seven pairs are also the at least a lottery.

    3. Hold'em and Mahjong are undoubtedly the most widely circulated intelligence movement, and Mahjong is called "national essence". The patterns and names in Mahjong are closely related to the traditional Chinese customs. Today we will talk about the profound meaning in Mahjong.
      In New Year's Eve, when you visit friends and friends, you can use Mahjong this entertainment tools to entertain with relatives and friends. Become a necessary social skills. The meaning contained in Mahjong is also related to the beautiful vision of everyone in the New Year.
      , tube, 10,000
      , the number of tube is the largest number in mahjong, and the pattern is very simple. We seem to be a vertical line that it doesn't make much sense, but in fact, in ancient times, copper coins were stringed together with ropes. And everyone can understand the "cylinder", which is the symbol of copper coins. As for "Wan", we are the largest measurement units in ancient times, that is, it means that it is extremely high, which is equivalent to "complete", "absolute", "pole": all the best strategies, all kinds of luck, and everything. And the idiom "Jiacai Wan Guan" means that there are all copper coins in the family, describing very richness.
      The east, west, south, and north
      undoubtedly the direction of east and west north and south. From ancient times, the Chinese have to go out to do business for a better life, and to obtain knowledge learning skills. Essence The north and south of the Mahjong refers to the relatives who go out. No matter where they are, they can be reunited on the New Year.
      Ma, hair, white
      , these three belong to the "three yuan cards". Among them, "red" means high school [gāo zhòng]. I hope that the loved ones who are studying at home can be titled by the gold list. "Middle" can also indicate "the golden mean", which means "good". The words "send" are well understood, referring to getting rich, and the "middle" in the previous "middle" is "promoted to get rich". Some people say that the antonyms of "getting rich" are "poverty", but I think it can be understood that it can be clear and pure when promoting to get rich.
      The spring, summer, autumn, winter
      In spring, summer, autumn and winter in the year, four seasons, four seasons of spring, summer, climate, and waiting. Including 6 vagus. It is not surprising that the four seasons and twenty -four solar terms have brought great help to the ancient cultivation of the ancients.
      Mi, orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemum
      Mei orchid bamboo chrysanthemums, which are called "four gentlemen in the flowers", which represent the quality of pride, quiet, firm, and touching. It is also a common image in ancient poetry painting. Plum, snow -cutting and cutting ice, all proud; orchid, empty valley incense, lonely appreciation; bamboo, screening wind and moon, chic life; chrysanthemum, Ling Shuang's own, not inflammation. Meilan bamboo chrysanthemums, occupying spring, summer, autumn and winter, Chinese literati use it as the "four gentlemen", which is showing the literati's perception of time order and life meaning. Mei Gaojie is proud of the shore, Lan Youya is empty and empty, Zhu Xun is hearty, chrysanthemum is cold and clear. The Chinese have loaded their true feelings in one flower, one grass, one stone and one wood, so that the flowers and flowers are separated or expanded, and they become the symbol and metaphor of personality.
      Benhie not only shows the wisdom of the Chinese, but also shows the cultural characteristics of the Chinese. Among them, there is both the longing for a better life and the connotation of teaching and educating people.
      The on WX Hainan Merchants Platform
      The traditional style of intellectual movement together ~
      The pictures are from the Internet.

    4. White boards are very effective. There are 1 time in many local Mahjong and international mahjong (3 pieces) and bars. They can form a small three yuan and big three yuan with Zhongfa Bai. Essence The whiteboard is a card of Mahjong, which appears in the Mahjong of Guangdong and Taiwan we are familiar with. Among the Mahjong and Taiwan Mahjong, the whiteboard is divided into one of the three yuan cards (green hair red in the white board), and the carved man with a pair of white boards has to be gone. The latter three cards are three yuan cards.

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