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    What is the next sentence? What is the next sentence?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. Full text: One flower and one world, one wood and one floating, one grass, a heaven, one leaves and one leave, one sand and one very happy, one side of the pure land, one smile and one dust, one thought and a quiet.
      Interpretation: Everyone is a flower, and each flower has its own world; everyone is a leaf, and each leaf has its own greenness. When the flowers will wither, when the leaves will wither. We should return everything to the earth at the last moment.
      Source: "Huayan Scripture": Buddha soil has five -color stems, one flowers and one world, one leaves and one leave. "Buddhism": "One sand and one world, one flower and one heaven."
      Extension information:
      "One flower and one world" is the realm of Zen. The story of the Buddhism is what the Buddha is: the Buddha is in Lingshan, and everyone asked the law. The Buddha did not speak, but only picked up a golden blanchhlet and showed it. The disciples were puzzled, and the respected of Gaya smiled. Only he realized. The mystery between the universe, but in an unusual flower.
      The sayings of "one flower and one world":
      "Huayan Scripture": There are dust brakes in the dust, and the brake is difficult to think of Buddhism.
      "The Vatican Scriptures" volume: Lusheana Buddha sitting in Chiba big lotus, turning Qianzun Shakya Buddha, each of the Chiba world, the Shakya Buddha in each leaf world, and again It turned out to be the Ten billion Shakya Buddha and sat in the Bodhi tree.
      The Buddhist prosecutor: For example, three thousand worlds, all grass and jungle, rice, and bamboo reeds, mountains and rocks. One thing, do a constant river. One Ganges sand, one sand and one realm. In one boundary, one dust and one disaster. Within the calamity, the dust accumulated, and the full charge.
      The tanger sends the question of the three smiles of Lin Temple in Shandong: Bridge across Huxi, three teachers and three sources, three people and three laughter;
      "The King Kong Scripture Positive Volume": "Ganges sand and other Ganges sand. One sand and one world land. All sentient beings. Each heart. There are several species. Know all. "
      " The generous Guangyuan consciousness of the monarch is to be solved ":" The world of the Buddhas. Tens of trillion monks wait for the river. Show the world a lot. "
      Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia_ye Flower One World

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